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Probate administration

When a will or trust lists multiple beneficiaries and administrators to oversee the distribution of property and assets, disagreement on how the estate is being divided can arise. This escalation is made all the more complicated if the will is out of date or there is no will at all. These disagreements can result in the need for legal professionals to step in and help resolve the matter through litigation.

Some of the most common reasons for an estate to enter the litigation process include:

  • Disputes over the legitimacy of the will
  • Errors in the will
  • Omissions in the will
  • Treatment of the decedent’s property as separate property or community property
  • Value of the assets
  • Ownership over a specific asset
  • Disputes over succession of a business

In California, the Sacramento probate attorneys at Generations have the resources and knowledge necessary to resolve difficult probate issues without the agony of litigation.

Of course the best way to avoid probate administration is to have a well-crafted estate plan and keep it up to date. Our attorneys can assist you in the drafting of wills and creating trusts so that when the time comes, there is no question as to how the estate will be distributed and the assets passed on to the correct beneficiaries.

Should your issues require the need to litigate, our office is able to provide you with directions in finding a litigation attorney for the Sacramento area.

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