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Trust Administration

How Good Sacramento Estate Planning Attorneys Handle a Trust Administration

Sacramento residents who become a surviving trustor or successor trustee of a trust-based estate plan generally will greatly benefit from hiring a qualified trust attorney to help them with the administration of that trust agreementAn experienced attorney will help the trustor or trustee:

  • Understand and properly file the appropriate tax forms.
  • Avoid incurring personal liability while performing their duties.
  • Defend the trust against challenges by heirs and beneficiaries who feel they were not properly compensated by the decedent.
  • Draft and send proper notice to the heirs and beneficiaries of the trust in a manner that limits their time to challenge the trust agreement.
  • Understand the terms of the trust and, if necessary, petition the court to resolve.
  • Any points of confusion or negotiate a solution with the heirs of the estate.
  • Confirm that all of the liabilities of the estate, including taxes, have been paid in full prior to distributing the assets of the trust.

When you need a skilled trust administration attorney, call Generations.

Skill and knowledge levels vary greatly among trust administration attorneys. The law firms that want to be known for their work in trust administration law stay current with the newest laws and strategies that help trustees distribute assets in a timely manner while keeping the trustee out of trouble.

A trust agreement sets forth your right to control your assets for as long as you are able. It names the person that you want to control your assets should you become incapacitated or deceased. This person is known as the successor trustee.

A properly structured revocable living trust can provide for the surviving spouse while protecting the interests of any children. This may be especially important if the children are from a prior marriage.  It also avoids probate and a conservatorship of your assets and can minimize estate taxes. It should work in concert with all of your estate planning documents to minimize capital gains tax and other income taxes paid by the surviving spouse, children, or other beneficiaries.

An estate planning attorney plays an important role in trust administration.  The attorney helps the successor trustee carry out your wishes while protecting your successor trustee from personal liability.  Our attorneys also use their expertise to help your family activate the trust and then protect it by ensuring that all necessary procedures and laws are followed.  Put your family under the capable care of the attorneys at Generations.

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